The ElfLore Trilogy

Release Date:  July, 2006

Publisher: Sabledrake Enterprises

Size: Hardback (7" x 10"), 636 pages

ISBN: 0-9771005-1-0

Price: $39.95


The ElfLore Trilogy

Longevity, grace, beauty, magic, wisdom the gifts of the elvenfolk are many. Nowhere are those gifts enjoyed more fully than in the kingdom of the Emerin. It is a place of light and music, culture and civilization. It is also a place of pride, greed, bitter envy and murderous hate. And in the wake of a terrible war with the dwarves, the Emerin is a land without a king. A land where those who crave power will go to any lengths to achieve it.


Swordmaid and sorceress Ariana Mirida only hopes to clear her father's name and reclaim her family's ancestral home. Little does she suspect that she is about to turn a nation upside down with a quest that will pit her against renegade wizards, corrupt counts, treacherous heroes and the deepest secrets of the Emerin itself.

Knight of the Basilisk

Amid darkness and fire and blood, one young woman is bequeathed an unexpected destiny from a dying warrior-priest. To fulfill it, she will need strength. She will need faith. She will need to challenge the long-held traditions of her people. And she will need to sacrifice the one heartfelt desire she always held most dear.


Betrayed. Robbed of his inheritance and deprived of his magic. Imprisoned. Some men would have broken. One man dreams of escape, justice and revenge. Even if those dreams lead him to the rocky slope of a dragon's lair, where the fate of a kingdom, and the future of the elven people, will be decided in one final confrontation.


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