Changeling Moon

Release Date: August, 2005

Publisher: Sabledrake Enterprises

Size: Trade Paperback (6" x 9"), 284 pages

ISBN: 0-9771005-0-2

Price: $14.95


For thousands of years, they have lived among us. Their abilities have given rise to our oldest legends and our deepest fears.

They are changelings. Shape-shifters. Hunters. Creatures of the night. Ruled by the moon, and by their own savage hungers.

Some wish only to survive unnoticed in our world, to be left alone and have as little to do with us as possible. They keep to their laws and traditions. They keep to themselves. Their first and only loyalty is to the pack.

But there are those who are outcasts from their own kind. Outcasts, like the beautiful and ruthless Simone Drachen and her perversely devoted son.

They have broken the ancient laws, tasted of the forbidden, and gained greater power from it. To them, humans are not something to be avoided and tolerated.

To them, we are prey.

And now they have come to Trinity Bay, where one troubled young woman will be caught in the midst of their deadly conflict.

Aiden Ferguson has lost everyone she ever cared about. Orphaned, alone, reclusive and shy, she leads a quiet existence in her little house on the beach, until a chance meeting with a handsome stranger begins to draw her out of her shell. An unexpected friendship with a flamboyant actress draws her out even more.

For the first time in years, Aiden is learning to love life again just as her life, her soul and her very humanity are threatened by the cold white light of the . . . Changeling Moon

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